With a footwear manufacturing history of over two decades, Teema manufacturers and distributors are always at the forefront in the footwear industry. Now, Teema proudly presents ‘New Trends’ of Teema.

Teema is an authentic brand manufactured solely in Sri Lanka to cater to the ever increasing demands for quality footwear.

Our competitive price and unique designs coupled with uncompromising quality have successfully taken in the Local and International market.

The motive of Teema is to provide comfort and satisfaction to all our customers. Therefore we have invested heavily in product research and development.

Our Vision
To enable move ahead in comfort and in style.

Our mission
To provide protection and elegance to the users of our footwear, opportunity to achieve potential to our employees, reasonable return to our shareholders and be responsible to create the future of our community.

This difference can now be felt with 'Teema' footwear.


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Kavin Polymers (pvt) Ltd

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"Kavin Polymers is one of main footwear manufacturers in Sri Lanka Footwear industry"